Deposit can be sent by Interac E-Mail Money Transfer only
At time of pickup we accept cash or debit cards only

Email address for transfer:
We registered for autodeposit, please verify receiver name: ULIANA ROMANOVSKAYA
By sending deposit you agree with our contract and term of sales
Contract alilable in our Terms of Sale section

A non-refundable/non-transferable deposit fee must be received within 6 hours of Buyers verbal acceptance of cat/kitten. By sending deposit fee buyer agreed with contract. A deposit fee of five hundred Canadian dollars ($500.00 CAD) is to be paid by the Buyer in the form of cash or Interact E-mail money transfer (We accept ACH wire transfer in USA). We do not accept PayPal or certified checks. If deposit not received within 6 hours, breeder will return kitten back to sale. Buyer can send deposit later anytime if kitten not reserved by somebody else and still available.

British Shorthair
Scottish Fold
British Shorthair Toronto
Scottish Fold Toronto
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